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3700AD is a space MMORPG that allows players to conduct trade, build space ports & space stations. Players can also battle it out in the arena (PVP). The game places heavy emphasis to explore and map the galaxy which is divided into various sectors and solar systems.

Player ships can perform jumps from existing jump gates or perform normal space travel which could take sometime. There is a great number of hidden planets, systems and jump gates along with a special hidden sector.

Prices fluctuates depending on supply and demand, and each space station or port creates its own demand, and supplies a number of things depending on the solar system (star/sun) and planet it is constructed in.

Players can also join clans, and to assist one another in this game.

This game has since been replaced by 3800AD, with a different theme heading from RPG to Strategy. Response was lukewarm as most existing players have a stonger preference for Strategy games rather than RPG, mainly because the main games on at that time is Galactic Conquest and Unification Wars both is a space stategy game.

This game has since been defunked, its services has been suspended replaced by 3800AD

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What is 3700AD ?

3700AD is a futuristic space MMORPG that mixes RPG with strategy elements. You start off as a captain of a flagship, building up your fleet as you enslave other player`s personnel to progress further on the game. This game is some-what similar to Unification Wars with the exception that you enslave personnel rather than planets and the RPG elements are way bigger

Best part is, it runs 100% off your web browser. No download required


o Thousands of items that can upgrade your flagship New
o Items can be upgraded (3 levels) New
o Each item is individual and unique on its very own
o Various ship module slots
o Various support fleet classes (Fighter,Bomber,Corvette,Frigate) New
o Hundreds of support fleet models and makes

o Work your enslaved personnels in mines or commercial zones New
o Trade with other ports New
o Barter with other players New
o Huge space map to explore, travel, conquer and defend
o Form powerful guilds
o Perform Quest from players, faction or guild New

o Cultivate relationship & control AI factions New
o Cultivate relationship & control AI fleets New
o Cultivate relationship & control AI guilds New
o Create your own quest & storyline for new players New
o *Instance map for raiding New
o *Instance map for exploring New
o *Instance map for questing New

*Instance = In MMORPGs, an instance map/dungeon is a special area, that generates a new copy, or instance, of the map for each group that enters the area


Sector map - Moving fleet from a system to another



Solar system map - Moving fleet to a planet

Ship view - Equip ship with item from inventory

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