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Hobby N Coffee Cafe @ TTDI, KL is a cafe that Stephen Yong founded in the suburbs of TTDI, short for Taman Tun Dr Ismail in the city of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

The goal of our cafe is to provide a place for customers to indulge in their hobby that includes board games and sewing, at the same time being able to enjoy the best coffee that is.

The cafe also acts as an office for Stephen Yong to conduct his work activitiers that includes game design and development.

Hobby N Coffee Cafe @ TTDI, KL Website

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Our Coffee flavour

We pride ourself as to serve our customers one of the best coffee in Kuala Lumpur and Malaysia.

Our coffee is bold, has strong aroma with complex taste. It is not bitter with a small hint of fruity taste. It has almost no acidic taste (not sour).

Board Games

Our cafe provide free board games to all our customers. Board games ranges from Hasbro (Monopoly, ClueDo, Chess, Risk, Scrable-like games) to European board games (Catan, Dungeon & Dragon, Citadel) coffee (latte art, good coffee & beans). Customers can also purchase board games for their own enjoyment (for those who wish to do so). Feel free to bring your own board game to play as well. For those who dont have sufficient friends to play board games with, please join our board game events in our events page.


The cafe provide sewing machines usage for free for all customers to use (Mornings & Afternoon only).

We also hold sew together (social sewing every saturday morning), in which everyone can chit-chat & make friends while sewing together. Do check out our free sewing workshops, classes & gatherings in our events page.

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