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I have done many things, among them includes founding, creating and running:
o EOL - Entertainment On-Line BBS
o Hobby N Coffee Cafe

EOL (Entertainment On-Line)

The time before the internet most people use BBS, short for bulletin board system. People could download files, chat, make friends, play games, read things and so on. It is pretty similar to the internet. EOL is created during Stephen`s early college days in his dorm room, effectively turning his dorm room into a server room with servers and modems taking up a big chunk of his room. A total of 6-8 phone lines & modems, rows of lightning arrestors (protection from the frequent lightning in the country of Malaysia), 2-3 servers and work stations.

EOL is currently defunk, obsolute and no longer accessible to the public.

Hobby N Coffee Cafe   -   Website . Facebook

Hobby N Coffee cafe was started in July 2014, to offer people coffee while they could indulge in their hobbies that includes board games, sewing, social activities, coffee activities, meetups, gatherings and others.

The cafe is located in the residential suburbs of TTDI (Taman Tun Dr Ismail) in the city of Kuala Lumpur.   -   Website

I started working on online games sometime in 2002, and completed a game titled Galactic Conquest in the midle of Feb 2003. Eventually I completed the first version of Universe Conquest in July 2003. Universe Conquest (UC) was renamed Unification Wars to avoid confusion of the name.

My office   -   Website . Facebook

The office ? Before Hobby N Coffee Cafe, imagine myself with one PC in a tiny room in my house. There`s no group of programmers... no board of directors... no skimpily dress receptionist (although I sure wish I had a couple of those... hahaha)... you get the idea.

I do have help... although sometimes its probably more like a distraction which is:

As you can observe from the picture... my kid is attempting to help me clean up the place.

The most important thing of all, is a non-profit site. We do not have seed capital nor do we have VP (Venture Cap) or banks to give us buckets of money to pay for our bills. I`ll be happy knowing that there is sufficient financial donations just to pay to maintain and keep this site running. It also features no ads. The truth is, you can probably earn a ton from bombarding users with a zillion viagra, porno, and casino ads. I am terribly annoyed with those ads, hence you dont see them here at all.

Yep as you can see from the above picture, my kid is so poor that he has too eat his pillow instead. Just kidding...

Then after sometime comes along Hobby N Coffee Cafe. I am currently using the cafe as an office to do my work. Imagine most people using their laptop for work in Starbucks.

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