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Who is Stephen

My name is Stephen Yong and i reside in the tiny country of Malaysia. For those who arent familiar with Malaysia, Malaysia is in between Thailand and Singapore.

I do a number of stuff that includes, founding of:
o EOL - Entertainment On-Line BBS
o Hobby N Coffee Cafe

My hobbies and likes includes:
o Board Games
o Travelling
o Art: Appreciation, drawing
o Strategy Games ( PC ): Playing, designing, making, running
o Exercising: Gym, table tennis
o Attending meetups, events, gathering
o Exploring news things, getting to know new people
o Others

My outlook of life

To explore, learn and work though various areas abd things in life. For instance to be able to explore things ranging from game design & game development to accounts to cooking/baking to drawing art.
This also includes meeting, getting to know and making friends with new people from all walks of life.

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